Frequently Asked Questions



What Should I bring?


Sunscreen, Chapstick, a wide brim hat, long pants with closed toed shoes are essential, be hydrated and have some bottled water, a good idea is to freeze your water or Gatorade and let it thaw on the trail.



What if I have never ridden before?

Well.... for new riders, we have new horses, older riders can have older horses, onery riders get our onery horses, and for those who have never ridden a horse, we can probably rustle up a horse that has never been ridden.  All kidding aside, after 10 minutes with our wranglers, you will know the basics and have a successful ride.

Am I to big/young/old/short/tall to ride?

Our general rule of thumb is that if you are physically fit, can move around comfortably and could get over a 3 foot fence, or get on a dirtbike, then you are probably healthy enough to ride our horses.  We have step ramps to assist on getting on and off your steed.

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